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Role of Gakken Classroom

1. Enhance Fundamental Academic ability

Acquire Fundamental Academic ability properly.

2. Support for Learning at Home

Getting in the regular habit of learning

Classroom Philosophy

skills to think about how to reach the answer will broaden your world

Gakken Classroom wish to bring "Joy of learning"
"zest for Living"
to Children.

=Self-learning Skill

(Self-Motivated learning and Attitude)

Zest for Living

is made up with “Fundamental academic ability”, “well-round character” and “Health”.

Fundamental academic ability

is “Problem solving skill” by finding problems, self-learning, judgment with own ideas and proactive approach.

Human Relationship

Children got influence from various people around them.

Educational materials

Children acquire fundamental skills with the materials.

4 Guiding Principles

Establishing Fundamental academic abilities

Develop their learning skill. Repeated learning and every day home work will give them good studyhabit.

No-grade method according to our student’s individual learning progress

Understanding individual ability and character and teach accordingly. Children can learn in own path, and proceed after understanding.


Cultivate the attitude to learn and think by own, with Gakken method which providing appropriate Worksheets and enough advisesto Children.

Well-rounded, life-skill based education

Not only academic ability, but also focusing on greetings, cleaning and the other basic moral education.

“Tokuiku” – “Etiquette”

Life Skills, manners, etc.

Greetings when entering and leaving the class.

Using personal space cleanly

Putting away bags, organizing stationery, clean up after themselves, etc.

Sit with and maintain correct posture

Following the rules of the classroom

4 Learning Skills

Gakken Classroom's 4 Learning Skills

That feeling, "I got it!," when you figure 'out something now all on your own is the most powerful incentive for learning. The enjoyment gained from those, "I did it!," experiences triggers further learning.

These are the skills for making and following through with a system for reasoning through problems and recognising the underlying issues. The ability to grasp the main point leads to the permanent acquisition of the learning points and fueks further expansion on them.

Working through a variety of diverse problems and accumulating success experiences results in the acquisition of skills to learn on one's own. The experience of successfully solving problems all on one's own builds confidence and encourages self-initiative in trying to figure things out for oneself.

The skills to adopt the knowledge and skills that one has learnt, and apply them to new problems or to find new answers to old problems. These are the problem-solving, self expression, self-improvement. At Gakken Classroom, these three skills, which are essential for any successful adult in today's global society, are instilled and reinforced through the learning experience itself.

4 Learning Methods

Learning Flow


Gakken Classroom Days:

Subjects : Maths

Target Age Group : 5 to 13

The result of customer satisfation research

Educational Service Division

Gakken classroom got first ranking in a row for the research of customer satisfaction. Last year, customer satisfaction was not first ranking, but Gakken Classroom got high evaluation in this year.


Story Problems

By learning the “thinking process” behind problem solving, children acquire “logical thinking skills” along with the abilities to adapt and apply their knowledge to real problems.

Before and After

1. My child now studies more often on a regular basis.

2. My child is now much better at calculation.

3. My child is now much better at solving story problems.

4. My child now studies on his / her own.

5. My child now writes more carefully.

6. My child is now much better at figure problems.

7. My child now likes to study much more.

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