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About Us

Founder of Gakken

Hideto Furuoka

Why we started "Gakken Classroom".

The founder, Hideto Furuoka sums up his vision and values as follows;
Considering Gakken is originally a book publisher, our role virtually finishes when our books are sold. Therefore, we never know how children read and use the books. However, in the classroom, things don’t end when you publish and sell a book. That’s just the start. “Gakken Classroom” serves as a community where “teacher-child”, “child-child”, “teacher-mother” bonds build through learning.

Furuoka's passion for education never dies and all of us have shared his values over the years.

Gakken Japan

Company:Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.

Address:Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo, Japan

Establishment:31st March, 1946

Capital:USD 160,000,000(JPY 18,357,023,638) 

Annual sales:USD 800,000,000(JPY 90,134,000,000)

CEO:Hiroaki Miyahara

Growth of Business

After establishment of Gakken in 1946, we have experienced as Educational publisher, and we would want to contribute to education of children with the classrooms. That’s why we started Gakken Classroom in 1980.

The largest market share in the Japanese after-school learning industry where children learn primary maths.


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